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Anna Miziołowska - legal adviser

The founder of the Law Firm - has many years of experience in providing legal assistance to companies (i.e. with IT business, motorization, production and sales of FMCG, sales of home appliances, logistics, construction, media, financial, accounting, auditing, tourism, protection of persons and property and others branch) as well as to individual clients, foundations, associations, homeowners associations (wspólnota mieszkaniowa) and housing co-operatives (spółdzielnia mieszkaniowa). This broad experience she has gained, among others, while working in a reputable law firm (years 2000-2013) and performing as a legal adviser each day in the course of her own Law Firm (since 2008).

Since 2010 she provides also a legal assistance to the local government organizational unit. In this role she deals with administrative law, public procurement law, local government, public finance, personal data protection law, copyright, matters governed by the Act on family support and system foster care as well as EU law. She provides legal services for projects financed from EU funds and for cells involved in the coordination of social security systems within the European Union.

She specializes in cases of civil and commercial law, labour and social insurance law and administrative law. She also deals with the affairs of the housing co-operative and homeowners association law and the tourist services law. She represents clients in litigation before common courts of law, administrative courts and the Supreme Court, as well as in arbitration proceedings before the Court of Arbitration in Warsaw. She participates in the mediation process aimed at ending the dispute amicably. She is involved in proceedings before public administrative entities. She conducts enforcement proceedings.

Providing reliable assistance in all areas of law faced by our Clients is the primary objective of our Law Firm. It is possible through collaboration with experienced lawyers specialized in different branch of law, among others, such as:

Anna Ogonowska – Król - attorney at law

specializes in cases in the fields of civil law, family and guardianship law and criminal law; she represents Clients in litigation, among others, in the fields of family law, including divorce and separation cases, maintenance claims, concerns matrimonial property relations and division of property; she represents Clients in civil litigation, especially in the fields of succession law

Dariusz Staniszewski - attorney at law

is an expert in registration of companies, foundations and associations; he represents Clients in litigation in the field of civil and commercial law; he deals with cases in the field of civil law, especially relating to debt vindication, family law, tourist services law and he acts as a defense lawyer in criminal cases

Anna Życzkowska – legal adviser

is an expert in the civil law, intellectual property law, competition law, commercial law and labor law. She has wide experience in conducting legal, administrative and arbitrative disputes.


We also cooperate with bailiffs, notaries, translators, financial advisors, accountants etc. Therefore our Law Firm could offers you a comprehensive, professional and effective service.

Each of the legal advisers and attorneys at law exercising their functions under the Law Firm has the necessary liability insurance.