Terms & conditions of cooperation

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Terms of cooperation, including the remuneration of the Law Firm are determined individually with each Client, prior to the commencement of legal services. According to art. 29 p. 2 of the Code of Ethics for Legal Adviser salary is determined taking into account, in particular, the necessary amount of work, place of supply of services, the degree of difficulty and complexity of the case and the required expertise.

The Law Office applies the following rules:

  1. gratification for legal advice, including the time needed to analyze the initially presented facts and any necessary documents, as well as the time of the meeting with the Client, that’s objective is to provide a legal assessment of the situation, clarify doubts related to the legal problem presented by the Client and propose further legal steps, where they prove necessary
  2. gratification for the implementation period of the order – work with the hourly rate
  3. lump-sum gratification for the month of comprehensive legal services, taking into account aligned with the Client the number of hours and scope of service
  4. gratification in the form of a lump sum amount fixed in advance for the execution of certain orders
  5. gratification for legal representation – when representing the Client in court – settled by taking into account the minimum rates from the Regulation of the Minister of Justice from 28 September 2002 on fees for legal advisers and with a “success fee”