Business Clients offer

Oferta kancelarii

The Law Firm’s offering addressed to companies and other legal entities such as: foundations, associations, institutions carrying out its statutory objectives other than commercial activity - includes comprehensive legal advice in the all aspects of its activities, including but not limited to: providing legal advice and consultation, drafting contracts and agreements, statutes, regulations and other legal documents, issuing legal opinions, information and analysis, conducting legal audits, information about changes in applicable legislations. We also deal with representation the Client in courts and arbitration proceedings, before public administration authorities, in enforcement proceedings, in the course of negotiation, mediation and pre-trial interviews and carry out the enforcement of receivables. Preferred by the Law Firm and optimal for the Business Client form of cooperation is advising on the basis of a contract of permanent legal service, which provides you unlimited accessibility to the services provided by the Law Firm for a fixed - individually set - remuneration. The Law Firm offers services to the Business Client in the following areas: