Individual Clients

Oferta kancelarii

The Law Firm’s offering addressed to individuals, not conducting commercial activity, includes, among others, providing legal advice and consultation, drafting contracts and agreements, all kinds of applications and other legal documents, issuing legal opinions, information and analysis. We also represent our Clients in courts and before public administration authorities, in enforcement proceedings, in the course of negotiation, mediation and pre-trial interviews and carry out the enforcement of receivables. The law is still changing and it can be unclear and complicated for the average citizen. People often simply do not know what rights they are entitled to and how to avail of them, hence many of them do not assert their rights. Our team is guided by the principle “the whole right was established for the people”. It is very important for us to build awareness among our individual Clients of their rights and the belief that they should be fought for. Our priority is providing effective legal assistance. Our Clients often find themselves in difficult and complex life situations, which are often accompanied by strong emotions. Therefore, every case conducted by the Law Firm is approached with full commitment and understanding of the needs of our Clients. The Law Firm offers services to the individual Clients in the following areas: