Kancelaria Anny Miziołowskiej
Individual Offer

The Law Firm’s offering addressed to individuals, not carrying out commercial activity, that require professional legal assistance.

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Kancelaria Anny Miziołowskiej
Business Offer

The Law Firm’s offering addressed to companies, foundations, associations and other institutions carrying out its statutory objectives other than commercial activity.

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Oferta kancelarii
Homeowners associations

The Law Firm’s offering addressed to homeowners associations and housing co-operatives, as well as to real estate managers comprises the provision of legal assistance.

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Kancelaria Anny Miziołowskiej
Employers and Employees

The Law Firm’s offering addressed to Employers and Employees – the Law Firm specializes in the area of labour and social insurance law from both the Employee and Employer.

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Effective legal adviser, characterized by a thorough knowledge of labour law, civil law, including commercial law, good judgment skills - excellent strategic skills - freely, yet cautiously moves to the facts and is able to apply the law in such a way as to achieve intentional and intended effect. The high level of merit, mastery, sensitivity and also a suitable distance, allow obtaining service at the desired level.Jolanta Olejarz-Maciąg

I think the best proof of experience, resourcefulness, thrift and preparation of substantive Mrs. Legal Adviser has won in the first and second instance in quite a difficult litigation.Beata Tomczyk

I had an opportunity to use the services of Mrs. Legal Adviser of the way of solving the agreement with my employer and I can honestly recommend the service. Everything was done in a fully professionally, accurately and on time, and the case did not belong to the easy ones.Wojciech Kuśnierek

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