Labour and Social Insurance Law

Oferta kancelarii

The Law Firm specialises in providing legal assistance in the area of labour law and social insurance law to employees, starting from analysing the contract of employment to be executed, through rendering assistance in respect of day-to-day matters relating to employment, up to terminating the existing employment relationship and enforcing claims against the employer. In this area the Law Firm’s offering includes:

  • conducting lawsuits involving claims arising under the employment relationship, as well as any claims related thereto, i.e. legal actions seeking:
    • the determination of the existence of an employment relationship if the legal relationship between the parties has – contrary to the substance of the contract executed between them – the features of the employment relationship
    • the reinstatement
    • damages for wrongful termination of the contract of employment
    • a severance pay
    • an overtime pay
    • compensation for mobbing/discrimination
    • compensation for occupational accidents and occupational diseases
  • drafting appeals against decisions issued by (disability) pension agencies (ZUS, KRUS), regarding social insurance and family insurance, old-age pensions, disability pensions, as well as other social insurance benefits
  • providing legal advice and consultations
  • participating in negotiations and mediation
  • drafting and issuing opinions on contracts, agreements and other documents
  • conducting enforcement proceedings