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How to use the e-legal advice

Legal assistance is provided by the Law Firm according to the following rules:

  • A Client that would like to use the on-line legal services should send a precise description of the legal issue, indicate questions/doubt and post exact data - name and surname/company name/business name, number Tax ID, address, phone, e-mail - by using the form given on the left - in the absence of above information the Law Firm is not required to take any action with respect to the received application
  • all correspondence relating to the on-line legal advice (including documents) should be sent by e’mail to the address: kancelaria@miziolowska.pl. The service should be provided by Law Firm only in the scope which will be implicated from the received information and questions. In a situation where the description of the problem proves to be insufficient to answer the question, the Law Firm reserves the right to request to supplement the information necessary to give legal advice
  • after receiving the all necessary information and documents, the Law Firm will send you an e-mail containing offer the service: price of the service and the way of paying, the proposed term and form of execution the service
  • legal service will be made within seventy-two hours from the day following the day on which the Law Firm’s bank account was credited of salary payment unless that another term of providing the service will be put in the offer
  • does not pay the salary indicated in the offer of the service, within a prescribed period, is tantamount to refusal to accept the Law Firm’s offer by the Client
  • the Law Firm will issue and send an invoice including the VAT price of the service, within the timeframe result from the current legislation

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